Bina (Seoul, Korea)- Enjoying our 'Last KU Supper' at an Indian Restaurant in Seoul ~ Eating With Kirby

13 August 2012

Bina (Seoul, Korea)- Enjoying our 'Last KU Supper' at an Indian Restaurant in Seoul

I hate saying goodbye. I always want to cry when I have to separate from people whom I love and cherish dearly, but I know that’s a part of life. My Korea University International Summer Exchange Program had just come to an end and I have a lot of mixed feelings. I feel completely and utterly blessed for having met the people I did in the program and it was by a crazy coincidence that we all came together and became friends. I never expected my group of friends to be as tight as we were and now having spent a fulfilling and unforgettable six weeks together, I feel incredible sadness over the fact that we all have to say goodbye. Because we are all from different parts of the world (we were a very diverse group of people- from Sweden, USA, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Canada (me), Hong Kong, China, to Singapore..etc), we know it will be impossible for all of us to ever be in the same place at the same time again. Thus, it makes it even more sad that this could be the last time I ever see some of my friends (*crossing fingers that it won’t happen!*.

I just want to say to all my KU friends, I am so incredibly grateful for having met you during the ISC program and I will never forget the wonderful memories we shared together. We came together so randomly but somehow it all clicked and we were instantly bonded like glue. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience in ISC and I cherish all of our wonderful quirky and weird moments together. :P (CJ! What’s the clock? What the heck?! Aboout. US has 50 STATES!! Hanging out like hobos in front of GS25) Please don’t forget me and find me if you are ever in Vancouver or maybe even in Hong Kong! If I ever travel to any of your countries in the future, you will be sure to get a facebook message or call from me :D

So now back on to topic: food. :P On one of our last days of the program, we decided to try out this Indian restaurant near our campus called Bina. The owners are Indian so it is a very authentic Indian restaurant.

We ordered a few appetizers to start us off. These are Samosas and they are essentially fried triangle pastries filled with potatoes. The green sauce in the back is sort of like a mint sauce and it goes super well with the Samosas!

Here are some Pakoras and Tandoori Chicken. These were both very delicious and I was particularly impressed by the chicken. It was very tender and flavourful!

Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I ALWAYS must order naan bread. If they have garlic naan bread, even better. Luckily they serve garlic naan here so we ordered a few baskets of these :P On the left is a Prawn Curry and it was my favourite entree dish of the night. The prawns were extremely plump and tender while the sauce was creamy and not overly spicy. My type of curry :D

Here is some regular naan and Beef Curry. Both were delicious as well.

Here is a wide angle view of our ginormous Indian meal that night. I would’ve never thought I could get authentic, delicious, Indian cuisine in the heart of Seoul but it is possible!Thanks Peter for recommending this place!

Thanks to good company and even greater conversation, we had a fantastic last dinner at Korea University and I will miss you all!

(And for the many people missing in the restaurant picture above, you are not forgotten! :D) 

Happy Eating!

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