June 2012 ~ Eating With Kirby

Mosaic Bar and Grille- Italian Chef Tasting Menu

The barely cooked runny yolk is meant to be popped and enjoyed along with the risotto...and enjoy I did. The golden lava coated every kernel of rice with its warm embrace and made the risotto that much more comforting.

Adorabelle Tea Room- Catching Up With the Girls

This is an Onion, Chive, and Bacon Savoury Cupcake. Even the icing was savoury! It was super delicious and was really innovative. Overall, the ambiance was great (loved the fake sky ceiling!), food was well thought out and executed, and the service was attentive.

Forage- Pretty Decent Food.

All six of us ordered their Award Winning Seafood Chowder with soft poached quail egg and crispy pork rind. While the soup was smokey, full of flavour, it was too thick and tasted a bit more like sauce than soup. The quail egg added a certain richness to the soup too which was nice.

Jethro's Fine Grub- That's Some Tasty Grub.

Overall, Jethro’s is an awesome breakfast and lunch diner serving up good eats with a twist. I most definitely will return for some alligator nuggets or pancakes!

Teppan Kitchen and Mambo Cafe (Aberdeen Food Court)- Crazy Sauce.

They serve this to you with a little sleeve around the plate to catch any splattering oil that radiates from the oven hot iron plate. If you are noob (hehe) at this Teppan Rice business, you can read the "How To Cook" instructions on the sleeve.

Basho Cafe - Quaint, Cozy, Delicious

You get the real deal here when it comes to their Matcha Latte. Served in a traditional Japanese bowl the way its suppose to be (not cup), its not only fragrant but it has incredibly depth. Be forewarn, this latte isn't sweet. There is no additional pre-sweetened sugary stuff here.

28 June 2012

Mega Sushi- Cherry Blossom Roll, Paradise Roll... and MONKEY BRAINS!

I had a lovely reader (Thanks Jarka!) recommend this relatively new restaurant to me. They opened in May and it's called Mega Sushi. It is located in Steveston, close to Garry Point Park.

The location is off the center of Steveston so it’ll be hard to stumble upon this restaurant if you are just taking a stroll around the area.

I came here with my Richmond foodie buddies Janice (from goodeat) and Steph (from krispybites) just a few days ago and we were all slightly surprised and impressed by this place!

The first thing we found intriguing was how the green tea was served. The teapot seemed like it was made from cast iron and the cups were designed to ensure your hands don’t burn from the hot tea. So fancy, right?! The tea was free of charge too which was great.

By the way, Mega Sushi is a little pricier than your average sushi joint. However, given the quality of their food and the fact that every dish comes with remarkable presentation, it is worth it.

26 June 2012

The Dirty Apron- Triple S: Sandwiches, Soups, Salads

The Dirty Apron is located next to Cafe Medina and Meta Knight and I happened to stumble upon this when we realized the line at Cafe Medina was too long to bear.

The Dirty Apron is a cooking school as well as casual spot to grab lunch.

They have some premade sandwiches already lined up inside the display or you can get the baguette sandwiches that are prepared when you order them.

They have a pretty good selection of sandwiches, soups, salads, and daily specials.

21 June 2012

Cafe De Waraku- Fancy Schmancy Cheesecakes (Rose, Durian, Caramel Apple Cheesecake...)

I don’t think a lot of people in Richmond know about this place called “Cafe de Waraku” but this restaurant has been open for quite some time now. They specialize in Japanese inspired pasta dishes and desserts.

This little restaurant is located inside the strip mall that is between Parker Place and Aberdeen, next to Lido Restaurant.

When Meta Knight and I stepped in, we instantly noticed the emptiness of the restaurant. I think we were one of three tables dining but this was during peak dinner time. :(

If you want to find a new restaurant to eat dessert, you should try this place out because they offer many varieties of cheesecake, panna cottas, and other kind of desserts.

They also have... DURIAN CHEESECAKE!! I tried it once before and it was amazing! It was full bodied, delicious and fragrant. Mmm... :D

20 June 2012

Topanga Cafe- "You Gotta Eat Here!" Show Told Me I Gotta Eat Here. So I Did.

I’ve been loving the show “You Gotta Eat Here!” on the Food Network lately and I took particular notice to this local restaurant that was featured on the show (Click here to watch the clip). It’s called Topanga Cafe and it’s a Mexican restaurant located in Kits.

B-Boy and I came here quite late (probably 2ish) and it looked so empty we thought they were closed!

We were the only customers in the restaurant so it was a bit quiet and lacked the bustling, fun atmosphere. However, we did go during an awkward time so it couldn’t be helped.

Looking at their prices, I realized most of them were pretty up there. It can go from $11 if you are ordering a la carte (so just burrito or taco with nothing else) to $25 for two items plus sides.

If you have trouble with their jargon (like I did), you can refer to their handy definition sheet!

17 June 2012

Guu in Richmond- Salmon Yukke, Yaki Udon, and Frozen Grapes

I haven't seen a few friends of mine in a while, so one day, I planned a dinner for us at Guu in Richmond.

We wanted to casually chat and talk during dinner but this was nearly impossible by the super loud environment and the yelling of greetings whenever a person enters or leaves the door. Within the first few minutes, I realized this was a bad choice of restaurant for catching up with friends. O.O

They had some pretty interesting items on their "Today's Special" like seafood risotto and fresh scallop carpaccio with wasabi dressing.

Here are some of their original items that are always available.

They gave us some complimentary beans while we were waiting. These were served cold and was pretty refreshing.

Pig On The Street- The Joy of Delicious Double Smoked Bacon

People who know me understand I have a (sometimes unhealthy) obsession with bacon. I love bacon with my eggs in the morning, I love bacon with my chocolate in my crepes, and now I love bacon in a flatbread wrap from a food truck.

I was in downtown getting a haircut so I decided to use this opportunity to try out this new food truck that specializes in, what else? BACON!

Honestly, this truck was the smallest food truck I've ever seen! There were two people cooking up the food and one taking orders and as you can see, they barely have enough room to turn around. I saw that the guy taking orders was sitting on a cooler as his chair. All I can say is... props to you guys. I hope this bacon food truck concept becomes really successful so they can afford to upgrade into a bigger truck. :P

All of their bacon is local and they try to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. They also make their flatbreads from scratch!

15 June 2012

Sachi Sushi (Whistler)- Hako Hako Hako Roll!

Time to continue my foodie adventure in Whistler! This time, we went to Sachi Sushi to fulfill our sushi cravings. Just a heads up, they are located on the second floor and their signage isn’t very prominent so it is easy to miss.

I decided to come here after reading much about it on Urbanspoon and some Whistler food guidebook.

I was craving fresh seafood so we decided to get a few items to share. What you see here is the Hako Roll ($11.50), House Roll ($9.50), Tsukimi Tobiko Nigri ($3.00/per piece), Amaebi Nigri ($3.50/per piece). What a sight eh? :D

Ever since my awesome experience with Amaebi (which is raw sweet shrimp) at Sushi Hachi, I’ve always been on the lookout for Amaebi at other restaurants. These were quite expensive per piece but they were very fresh, slimy, and delicious. They even topped off the Amaebi with tobiko and a tiny slice of lemon too.

13 June 2012

Quattro at Whistler- Squid Ink Risotto... Yum...

I took a trip to Whistler last week for a few days so I have a few restaurant experiences that I want to share with you guys!

First up is Quattro at Whistler and it is a fine dining establishment located in the village. They focus primarily on Italian cuisine. The reviews on Urbanspoon were alright so we decided to come and check out their $29 three course menu that was on promotion.

The entrance was grand and pretty. It made for a great first impression in my eyes. :P

This is the $29 three course menu that we ordered off of. As you can see, you can choose from a few options for your appy and main entree.

11 June 2012

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt- Best Original Tart and Red Velvet Flavour!

Frozen yogurt. This ‘guilt-free’ treat has taken Vancouver (and North America) by storm and now frozen yogurt franchises are popping up all over the place! Qoola, Pinkberry, Tutti-Melon, TCBY... and now Menchie’s.

I came here on two occasions and I really enjoyed my experience both times. I like how the service was always friendly, I find the DIY system efficient and personable, and the location is close to the Broadway-City Hall skytrain station.

They have many flavours of frozen yogurt to choose from and they provide little sample cups for you to try flavours out before putting it into your cup. My personal favourite flavours were the original tart and red velvet.

The cups are all one size so you just fill it with yogurt and toppings to your liking and the final cost will be calculated by weight. And look! They have waffle cups too! I believe they are a dollar extra.

7 June 2012

Koto Izakaya- Home Of The Sugar-filled Sukiyaki Hotpot

Only recently did I find out about this place called Koto Izakaya in Richmond. I pass by this restaurant all the time on Hazelbridge but it looks dead (from the outside) every time I see it so I thought nobody ever goes there. Oh how wrong was I.

I came here after 9pm one day after work and to my surprise the place was packed.

The only area that was empty was the bar so I sat here. I did notice during my dinner that this establishment is Chinese (specifically Hong Kong) owned. They even greet and speak Cantonese to the customers.

They have a special late night menu and some items on there include sashimi, nigiri sushi, appetizers, cones, makis...etc.

6 June 2012

Fisherman's Terrace- Brave The Aberdeen Parking Lot and Eat Some Dim Sum

I realize that I always go to Fisherman's Terrace for dim sum but I have actually never blogged about it before.

On one particular occasion I came here again for dim sum with some friends of mine. We came on a weekday so luckily we didn't have to wait for a table. But a word of caution. On Sundays and holidays, the wait can get up to an hour or more!  Trust me, I've been through it X.X.

The seating areas are quite spacious and I never feel like they are rushing me so this place is great for chatting and catching up with loved ones.

My friends and I always love ordering this cold plate as it is a great refreshing appetizer. It is called "Hand Shredded Chicken" and it is a layered dish in which the bottom comprises of thin wonton crisps layered with cold shredded chicken and pickled vegetables and topped with julienne cucumber, sesame seeds, and ginger.

This dim sum dish is one my favourites. :D It contains eggplant stuffed with a shrimp filling and fried until perfection. 

5 June 2012

My Experience at EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival 2012

Just this past weekend was the annual EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival. It took place inside BC place from June 1-3.

Tickets were $16 at the door for adults and that included admission to everything inside. There were exhibitions, booths that gave out free samples, and even celebrity appearances by Food Network’s Celebrity chefs!

I went on Sunday (last day) and the place was packed. I didn’t take many pictures but I did snap a few pics of booths that caught my interest. Some exhibitors include McDonalds, Sabra, Blenz Coffee, Kitchening & Co, Telus, and Patak’s.

1 June 2012

Frappe Bliss (Aberdeen Food Court)- "A Dream in Eden"?... Not Quite.

Frappe Bliss is located in the Aberdeen food court and they are known for their refreshing  shaved ice.

Whenever I walk by this place, I always notice a bored looking employee reading newspaper or something. I guess it must be pretty boring working on your own.

They have quite a few pre-set selections if you are indecisive (like me!) and can't make up your mind on what to get. I found the prices quite steep for ice and toppings but since I was sharing with two other people I was okay with it.

We ordered A Dream in Eden ($6.50) and it came with shaved ice (we chose the 'milk' flavour), fresh mangoes, kiwis, strawberries, and a scoop of mango ice-cream.