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15 June 2012

Sachi Sushi (Whistler)- Hako Hako Hako Roll!

Time to continue my foodie adventure in Whistler! This time, we went to Sachi Sushi to fulfill our sushi cravings. Just a heads up, they are located on the second floor and their signage isn’t very prominent so it is easy to miss.

I decided to come here after reading much about it on Urbanspoon and some Whistler food guidebook.

I was craving fresh seafood so we decided to get a few items to share. What you see here is the Hako Roll ($11.50), House Roll ($9.50), Tsukimi Tobiko Nigri ($3.00/per piece), Amaebi Nigri ($3.50/per piece). What a sight eh? :D

Ever since my awesome experience with Amaebi (which is raw sweet shrimp) at Sushi Hachi, I’ve always been on the lookout for Amaebi at other restaurants. These were quite expensive per piece but they were very fresh, slimy, and delicious. They even topped off the Amaebi with tobiko and a tiny slice of lemon too.

This is essentially Tobiko Nigri but with a quail egg on top. The quail egg added a slimy coating on top of the tobiko which made the whole nigri... very smooth to go down. :D It was very yummy.

The Hako Roll is one of their signature rolls and it consists of salmon, raw scallop, shrimp, avocado, and lemon. It’s a pressed sushi which means the bottom rice layer was pressed in a box contraption and not by hand.

This Hako roll was divine. At first bite, you get the fresh seafood in your mouth, and then the citrus undertone hits, and then when the whole nigri is in your mouth, you taste the creamy avocado... oh my godddd. *drool* This is a must order item!

Their house roll was good but probably not the most delicious nor affordable roll I’ve had. The layer of salmon and avocado on top was tasty but did little to enhance the flavours of the scallop roll.

Since Meta Knight and I are not rich at all and cannot afford to get full off of sashimi and seafood, we decided to order a Tempura Udon ($11.00) to fill our tummies. If you relate, gimme a high five! :D

When the waiter put the udon down, I was a bit shocked because it looked kind of... naked. No garnish, no sprinkle of green onion, no nothing. Is this the 'traditional' way of serving udon? Either way, we both thought it tasted meh. Nothing special.

For the tempura, we were surprised that they didn’t give us the dipping sauce that usually accompanies it. When we asked the waiter for the sauce, he made a remark about how people usually just dip the tempura in the soup, not the sauce. Weird.

Overall, Sachi Sushi is a great sushi joint in Whistler and the seafood was surprisingly fresh. However, don’t come expecting normal prices because they do cater to tourists. This meal cost close to $30 per person and we didn’t eat a lot. :(

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$$-$$$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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