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22 August 2012

Meat-ing (Seoul, Korea)- 'Meating' Friends in Seoul Over All-You-Can-Eat BBQ

On my last day in Korea, my friend from Vancouver brought me and a bunch of his friends to this AYCE (all-you-can-eat) BBQ place in Seoul. He said he had a very enjoyable visit the last time he came and the price is also very affordable.

This place is called... Meat-ing. I can only guess that their intention of naming this place “Meat-ing” is to encourage you to ‘meet’ friends while eating ‘meat’. LOL  Hahaha. Oh Asians. :D

For a fixed price of 10,800 won (~$10.00 CAD), you have access to everything including appetizers, soup, raw meat, all drinks, dessert, and salad bar. These appetizers consist of French fries, fried dumplings, fried pork, and some patty. All of them tasted mediocre but I had no complaints as I was glued to the BBQ meat section. :D

The raw meat section had about 11 different varieties of meat.

My favourite was the pork belly and they had two flavours for you to choose from. One was rubbed with spices while the other one was plain.

On the left are condiments (sliced garlic, sauces, onions) and on the right are fruit and jello.  

The veggies in the salad bar were quite fresh (aside from the cherry tomatoes) and I absolutely loved the AYCE oyster and enoki mushrooms!!

You have a grill on every table so you just grill all your goodies on here and munch away.

Here is our pork belly being cooked. Yummy yum yum. :D

Just random meat, vegetables, and kimchi cooking on the grill.

Of this plate, my favourite item was the ‘odeng broth soup’. It is essentially the broth that is in oden (Japanese)/ odeng (Korean) and it is absolutely delicious!!! So light and refreshing.  It was so good, I drank three bowls of this!

My soup (again), and some corn salsa, pumpkin salad, and jello.

Overall , I really enjoyed Meat-ing and I think it is incredibly affordable for the quality and quantity of food you get. Come with some friends and ‘meet’ them while eating some ‘meat’!

Happy Eating!

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