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12 January 2012

Accord Food House- Soft Mushy Noodles

After closing for a month during the holidays, Accord Food House finally opened today so Meta Knight and I instantly jumped at the chance to give this place a try. 

I’ve heard only good things about this hole-in-the-wall restaurant so we both had high expectations going in. Perhaps it was our high expectations that ruined us, but our visit was very disappointing.

Accord Food House is next to a XXX shop across from Metrotown. You really have to search hard for this place or you will miss it. The interior is quaint and seats probably 20 people max.

Their whole menu (aside from drinks) is on the blackboard. They serve primarily Taiwanese noodles, dessert, and drinks.

When our server came, we had a lot of difficulty because he didn’t speak a word of English. We actually looked at each other for a few seconds in complete silence before he left abruptly and asked someone else to help us. We first ordered a Japanese Matcha Latte ($4.95) to share because I heard they do drinks really well here. But if that was the case, I don’t know what happened today because our latte was like matcha powdered water. It was completely flavourless.

Meta Knight ordered the original Beef Noodle ($8.25).

Even though the beef brisket was tender, they only give you three little pieces. Meta Knight said nothing was good about this dish except for the soup base.

He also said the noodles were very soft, almost to the point of mushy.

I ordered the Tomato Tendon Beef Noodle ($8.95) and honestly, it was really bad.

They gave a lot of tendon and it was soft which was great, but aside from that, it was a mess. The soup base was too thick and gloppy, the cabbage was still a bit crunchy, and the noodles were really really soft.

To me, noodles should be cooked al dente so it’s soft enough to bite through but not so much as to lose its elasticity and texture. These noodles definitely did not make the grade.

We both finished it because we don’t like to waste food but we were both disappointed. When we were paying, we also realized that tips were already included in our bill... It’s not a huge deal, but we would have wanted to decide on our own how much tip to give...

I really hope today was an off-day because it was their first day back from a long holiday. But either way, if I ever do come back, it will only be to try their desserts. If you want Taiwanese noodles, I say go to No.1 Beef Noodle instead. It’s cheaper and it tastes a lot better.

Service Rating: 1.5/5
Food Rating: 2/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 1.5/5

Happy Eating!

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2 reacties:

  1. Haha, apparently this is your lowest rating so far :P generally places that include the tip are just scared cos its crap service and food...

  2. haha I actually didn't even realize that this was my lowest rating! Yeah, totally agreed. But if you go to this place and have a good experience, I'd love to know! Maybe they improved :P


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