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18 January 2012

Random Thought- Only Go To SFU's Triple O's When There Are No Other Choices

Up at SFU, there aren’t many good places to eat. Everything (except Tim Horton’s) is overpriced, mediocre, and boring. With that said, I still occasionally buy food at SFU because sometimes I don’t have time to pack lunch.

This semester, I happen to have class on Tuesday, which is when Triple O’s have their “Triple O’s Tuesdays” special. Their original burger becomes $3.33 and $6.53 (including tax) when you upgrade to a combo. I substituted my pop for “Red Rose” tea. It was really bad... I wanted to substitute water for pop instead but it was an “upgrade” with extra charge. I hate how pop is cheaper than water... =.=

The burger was, as expected, mediocre and poorly assembled. It became messy to eat because of the blobs of sauces everywhere. The bread was slightly warm but very thick and chewy.

As always, I like to show people what the product is advertised to look like. I always love to poke fun at advertisements where the ad product looks nothing like the real thing. :P It's a little disheartening sometimes but it IS the reality.

I really dislike White Spot fries. It is never crispy and is usually so bland that I have to fully coat them with my concoction of pepper and ketchup. 

Overall, the Triple O's at SFU is overpriced and frankly not very good. But hey, when you are starving and on top of a freakin' mountain with no other choices, this will do.

Happy Eating!

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2 reacties:

  1. haha i see you like to put pepper in your ketchup like me!!! i always put tabasco sauce took soo good =D

  2. tobasco sauce?! Omgosh I should try that!

    I totally love my pepper and ketchup hahaha I think I went through 10 packages of pepper during this meal :P


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