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16 March 2012

H-Mart (Aberdeen)- Yummy Dukbokki and Horrible Tasting Cake

Since H-Mart’s opening in Aberdeen a month or so ago, I’ve gone back excessively because I love the cool Korean brands of food they have to offer. In addition to buying the groceries, I have tried the cakes from their bakery and a few snack items from their hot food section.

Their hot food items are pretty attractive and it always enticed me whenever I walk by.

Trixie and I wanted to snack so we ordered a few items to share. First we ordered the Fried Vegetable ($1.00) which is basically just a pile of fried shredded carrots and yams. It was a bit oily and fatty, but surprisingly good.

Next we ordered the Deep Fried Seaweed Roll ($1.00) and we had no clue what to expect with this.

The seaweed was actually rolled around some type of glutinous rice mixture. It was very yummy, but wayyyy too oily. The excessive amounts of oil actually made me cringe when eating so I most likely will not be getting this again.

The main snack that Trixie and I wanted to try was the Spicy Stewed Rice Cake ($3.88) also known as Dukbokki. It is a very popular Korean snack food and it is usually made from Korean rice cakes cooked and soaked in hot pepper sauce. The dukbokki was spicy yet sweet, and it nicely satisfied our cravings.

On another occasion, I bought a Multi-variety Cake (~$11.00) from the H-Mart bakery to try it out because it just looked too darn pretty! I was very excited to taste each and every one of those flavours, but boy are looks deceiving..

Not only was each cake artificially flavoured and coloured, there was no “filling” except for a layer of bad cream in each cake. As well, the flavours they tried to imitate, such as strawberry, blueberry, green tea...etc, all tasted horrible. I would never recommend this cake to anyone as it was truly a waste of my money.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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3 reacties:

  1. I actually wanted to try those cakes! You really wouldn't recommend them at all?! They look SO yummy though. Will it satisfy a cake craving?! Wahhh! Btw, LOVE your blog!!

    1. Hi Diana! I wouldn't recommend the cake I bought AT ALL because it was honestly really really bad! However! I have seen their other varieties (like the one that looks like a chocolate teacup? Have you seen that one?) and I still want to give it a try. =.= If you do try their other cakes, please let me know if they are worth trying!

      And thank you! I'm so happy you like my blog!!! It gives me motivation to post more often even when I'm busy with other stuff :P

  2. I had tried these cakes as well and while I wouldn't say they were horrible they definitely do NOT taste as good as they look.
    Even though they're all different colours the flavour and texture is pretty much the exact same, just overload sugary...
    Don't get these to satisfy a craving for some Asian cake goodness, but knock yourself out if you're just looking for something sweet. Personally I would just shuffle over and get some walnut cakes, damn those are good!


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