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22 March 2012

Hog Shack Cook House- Sweet Jesus That's Good

Last week I saw a Groupon for Hogshack Cook House (10 for $20) so Meta Knight quickly helped me snag one for the both of us to try out. Honestly, Groupon has some pretty good food deals, check them out here

We went at 3pm (odd time, I know) but were told they were SOO busy that they have to replenish (their meat stack I assume?) before then next service which is 4:30pm. To kill off time, we decided to take a stroll around Steveston village.

When we came back, the owner/cashier person was too busy chatting with a large group of his friends/customers to serve Meta Knight and I. He knew were waiting but we awkwardly stood there for a good few minutes while they all hugged and said goodbye before he even acknowledged and catered to us... Obviously, we were not impressed with the service at this point.

I was so glad they gave us tons of wet naps! They are so useful when eating delicious BBQ meat.

I saw this on the wall and found it hilarious!!

Going into Hogshack, I knew I had to get the Burnt Ends ($16.00). These aren’t on the menu and they apparently run out of these really fast. I was lucky enough to get the last portion of the day.

For my sides, I chose the Baked Beans and Yam Fries. The baked beans were really good but I wish I had toast to eat them with. :P

The yam fries were perfectly crisp and tasted great with the chili mayo.

The burnt ends were slathered in their sweet yet tangy BBQ sauce and they were just blobs of fatty meaty deliciousness. The chunks were inconsistent though because some were pure fat and some were a bit dry. Nonetheless, these burnt ends are definitely worth a try.

Look at that. How can you resist this juicy baby?

Meta Knight on the other hand wanted a little something more monstrous... and the Hog Shack Dinosaur Bones ($22) were just what the doctor ordered. I bet even grown men with giant appetites will have trouble finishing 2lbs of smoked beef ribs and two sides!

Knowing this was a calorie packed meal, he smartly ordered the Sautéed Vegetables and Yam Fries as his sides. God, I totally should have ordered the veggies too. They were SOOOO GOOD!!! It might sound ridiculous that I am ranting about how amazing the vegetables were when I’m eating BBQ ribs, but honestly, these veggies were scrumptious. Just scrumptious.

Ok so back to the beef ribs. These were ridiculous. Meta Knight was shocked when he saw how big the portion was. The beef was very tender but it didn’t completely fall off the bone. He said Montana’s beef ribs are still the best but this one is pretty darn close.

SO. MUCH. MEAT! :D We finished a bit more than half and had to pack the rest home.

In conclusion, if you like Memphis Blues, you should check out the Hogshack in Richmond. It comes pretty close and I dare say it is actually better than Memphis. Unfortunately, the service fell below our standards and we felt like favouritism was going on so that is the only negative feedback I have.

Service Rating: 2/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!


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  1. I bought this Groupon too! I'm not sure I can handle that much meat though. Meat and FRIES... Why do they pair meat with fries?! Lol I think I'll go for double portion veggies or something.

    1. Yeah I know eh? Next time I will definitely either yam fries and veggies or double portion veggies you like said.

      Let me know how your visit is!


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