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5 July 2012

Bau Haus Dog Cafe (Seoul, Korea) - "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

The day after I landed, my roommate brought her friends and I to this place called “Bau Haus Dog Cafe” in Hongdae (get off at Hongik Univ station). Now, you may wonder, what is a dog cafe? At first, I thought it was a cafe where they serve food to dogs. But no, it turns out this dog cafe is a cafe where you can sit, get a drink, and play with dogs! You can also bring your own dog here too.

It took us a while to locate this cafe (it’s in an awkward location) but after walking a while, we found it!

There is a big sign at the front but the entrance is actually in the back so you have to follow these ‘Bau House’ signs.

When we walked in, we were instantly greeted by 20-30 dogs!! There were little dogs, big dogs, furry dogs, hairless dogs, and they were just all happily running around. :) I absolutely ADORE dogs and puppies, so needless to say, I wanted to stay here forever. :P

Admission to this dog cafe is free, but you need to order a drink. Their drinks were obviously overpriced ($6.00-8.00 CAD per drink) but that’s to be expected since you don’t need to pay for anything else. I ordered a Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie ($7.00) and it was really delicious!

They have a dog identification sheet in case you're wondering their age or what their names are.

Word of advice: drink your beverage fast because sooner or later, a dog will knock it over. This cute little guy climbed onto our table (many of them do that) and knocked over my roommate’s smoothie. Good thing she was finished, but his tail fur got stuck to the straw and he took it with him. LOL

What a cutie!

By the way, if you are wondering how this could possibly be hygienic, I can tell you, the staff were really good at cleaning stuff up. Once pee or poop hits the floor, within a second, an employee will be mopping it up and spraying it down. It’s gone before you know it. :P

Just a ginormous husky lounging on the sofa.

This Chihuahua was a bit scared of us at first but I think he warmed up to us. :)

This Siberian Husky was the fluffiest dog I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t resist taking a picture with him.

HEHEHE. He looks funny when he sleeps.

This Pomeranian was also super cute but he looked really sleepy... he probably was tired from all the playing. :P Oh what an awesome life.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at the Bau House Dog Cafe and I urge every dog lover in Korea to come check this place out! Next time, I'm bringing Meta Knight since he is a big dog lover too!

Happy Eating!

4 reacties:

  1. Omg!!! I want to goooooo! So many diff types of dogs!

  2. last time I was in Seoul, I didn't manage to find this T^T
    I hope I can find it this year :D

  3. Charlotte Theile18 July 2013 at 06:29

    Hi, I am a german journalist writing about bau house in Seoul i visited
    last week.Since I saw the great pictures on your blog, I was wondering,
    if we could print one of your pictures in our newspaper, Süddeutsche
    Zeitung? My email is: charlotte Best, Charlotte

  4. I tried emailing you but it keeps on bouncing back. Can you please email me at Thanks!


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