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20 July 2012

BIYA (Seoul, Korea)- Buddha, Buddha, Buddaejjigae

One thing I really appreciate about living on campus at KU is that there are a billion of restaurants nearby within a ten minute walking distance. Most of them are quite inexpensive due to the large population of poor starving students.

I think you will begin to notice a trend in my restaurant posts. :P A lot of them will be near my campus because that is where I usually dine during the weekdays when I have class. This particular restaurant called BIYA specializes in Buddaejjigae which is essentially ‘army base stew’. I will mention why it’s called that a few pictures down.

The Buddaejjigae is 5,500 won per person which is equivalent to $5 CAD.

I realize every Korean restaurant has a stove in the middle of the table and this one was no exception. They brought this giant pot full of random things like cheese, rice cakes, onions, spam, ham, kimchi, red pepper paste, green onions, and vermicelli to the table and proceeded to boil it in front of our  faces causing my face to turn red (like always). We shared two pots of this for six people.

Since Koreans love having side dishes with their entrees, we were given tater tots and pickled radish to munch on while we waited for the pot to boil. I’ve never had tater tots as a side dish before in Korea but I liked it! It reminded me of home. :)

So to provide some information on what Buddaejjigae is, after the Korea war, some people made use of surplus food that they found from US Army bases. They found ingredients such as hot dogs, canned ham, spam (the food soldiers ate) and incorporated them into a spicy soup.

When everything is bubbling and ready, you pop in the ramyun and it’s pretty much done!

Ta Da! You eat this soup/stew bubbling hot and many people prefer to have it with rice.

Happy Eating!

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