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9 July 2012

Miss Lee Cafe (Seoul, Korea)- Cafe of Handwritten (Love) Notes and Deceiving Shaved Ice

A few days ago, I realized via facebook that Diana (from foodology) was going to be staying in Seoul for a few days so I instantly contacted her to set up a day to hang. Knowing the both of us, I could already tell that we will both be spending the whole day eating... and enjoy it.

We met up at Myeong Dong and after a few hours of walking in the rain, we wanted somewhere to sit and escape the downpour. We ended up at this place called “Miss Lee Cafe”.

Miss Lee Cafe is a pretty well known cafe in Seoul because they were once featured in this Korean variety show called “We Got Married” (something like that). We both have never watched the episode but decided to come here anyways.

This cafe is known for its iconic “Miss Lee” face and their lunch boxes/shaved ice.

Even the stairs and walls are all branded with Miss Lee characters.

An abundance of handwritten notes are hung all over the cafe. You can write your own notes too and literally hang it anywhere you wish. As long as you find space, you can hang it there.

We had breakfast not too long ago so we didn’t want to try their lunch boxes. We opted for the Five Taste Sherbert ($9.50 CAD) to share. Compared to regular Korean food standards, this shaved ice was pretty expensive.

I noticed that they had a table full of random merch you can buy. Have you noticed by now that everything about this place is very... cute? :P

The relatively pricey Five Taste Sherbert consisted of canned peaches, banana, kiwi, canned pineapple, grape tomatoes, assorted nuts, and raisins on top of ice. It also came with a side dish of (really stale) biscuits.

This shaved ice was the most deceiving thing I’ve ever experienced. With the variety of beautiful colours and the fruit, you’d think it would be good right? Decent, at least? NO. This was the most horrible thing I’ve ever tasted. First, the ice was chunky sitting in a pool of really weird tasting liquid. Second, half of the fruit toppings were canned which was not appealing. Lastly, the nuts did not complement the dish and the tomatoes made the ice liquid taste like tomato water...

If you have eaten shaved ice before, you know it’s not supposed to look like this. All in all, I’ll just say that the food here was truly disappointing, but the ambiance and unique quality of the cafe saved it A BIT.

I can’t deny that this cafe has a cool concept. Both Diana and I had a fun time looking at the notes and admiring the interior. However, I still wouldn’t recommend this cafe because the food was just THAT terrible. If you watched the “We Got Married” episode and still want to visit, I'd suggest getting one of their drinks (which are also very expensive) or lunch box instead.

Happy Eating!

courtesy of http://weheartit.com/entry/10855733

4 reacties:

  1. Sounds like a tourist trap. But you sound like you're having loads of fun! Jealous :)

  2. It pretty much is. But we still went anyways :P haha dangg.

  3. That is the saddest looking pat bing soo (traditional korea shaved ice with toppings)I have ever seen. And in Seoul you say? What a disappointment.

    When you return, you should try the version at
    Tealips Bubble Tea and Coffee in Burnaby. Much more appealing to the eye and it have has mochi, my favourite toppping (although not enough for my liking).

    Also, it's cheaper than what you paid.

  4. Oooh, Meta Knight lives in Burnaby so I will definitely have to try it out one day! I absolutely love mochi so I know I'll like it already. :) Thanks Holly for the suggestion!


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