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8 September 2012

McDonald's in Hong Kong- Epic Wasabi Filet-O-Fish and Black Sesame Sundae!

Sorry for the long hiatus on my blog posts! I have been extremely busy in Hong Kong meeting friends, relatives, travelling, and discovering possibilities of my future. I haven’t finished writing all about Korea yet but I will skip around and write about Hong Kong because I just can’t wait! I also just came back from Tokyo yesterday so you also might see some posts on Japanese food here and there :P

So one of my favourite places to eat in other countries is their McDonalds. I find the localized menu very interesting and it really allows me to experience their culture just a little bit deeper through their local flavours and food.

The first thing I had at McDonalds in Hong Kong was their new “Wasabi Filet- O-Fish”. It was a no brainer for me to get this when I first saw it advertised because it sounded so cool!

It looks like a typical McDonalds filet-o-fish burger except instead of just regular tartar sauce, it is mixed with wasabi mayo. The end product was an epic fish burger than gave me a punch in the nose every few bites from the wasabi. I was in L-O-V-E.  :)

For anyone who likes apple pie and is currently residing in Hong Kong or will visit sometime in the future, may I suggest the amazing fried apple pie?? It is nothing like the apple pie in America/Canada because it is fried instead of baked (yes I know... the calories =.= but oh well!). The end result is a crispy pie shell surrounding a pile of hot apple goodness and you honestly can’t miss out on this.

On another occasion, Trixie and I were visiting a prime tourist attraction called “The Peak” where you get to see the amazing skyline of Hong Kong. We stumbled across another McDonalds and decided to get some ice-cream to cool down from the summer heat (and humidity).  On the menu was green tea and red bean, black sesame, and green apple/raspberry/ or chocolate swirl.

We both are black sesame lovers so we went with the Black Sesame Sundae (11 RMD/ ~$1.50 CAD)!

It obviously didn’t taste like high quality black sesame but the flavour was definitely there. It went well with the ice-cream and we gobbled it up in minutes. If you do get it, just make sure to check your teeth afterwards. :P

Happy Eating!

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