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24 September 2012

Paul Lafayet (Hong Kong)- Artisanal Pastries in HK

When I was in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, I stumbled upon this French patisserie called Paul Lafayet. One quick glance at the display case proved no match for my willpower so I had no choice but to give some of their sweets a try. :P Luckily, I was with my friend Trixie who also has quite a large appetite.

The main reason we ‘stumbled’ upon this patisserie was because we noticed the crowd of people in the front.

The sold a variety of macarons and artisanal pastries. We took forever to choose because every single dessert looked soooo delicious.

We decided to share a Passion Fruit macaron and Chocolate & Blueberry Dome. One taste of the passion fruit macaron and it became my favourite macaron of all time. I always though macarons tasted okay when I tried them at Thierry or other high tea places, however, this one tasted really really delicious!

I came back to Paul Lafayet on two separate occasions as I was in love with their desserts. On my second visit, I bought a Creme Brulee and another Chocolate & Blueberry Dome to go. The chocolate and blueberry dome was very velvety and rich as it was covered in a deep dark chocolate ganache (my favourite).

The crème brulee comes in a beautiful ceramic dish and if you order it to go, they give it to you as well with no deposit fee.

On my third visit, I ordered the crème brulee (again) because it was just. That. Good. My one criticism would be the surface as I would have wanted a thicker layer of sugar to ‘crack’.

The Chocolate Gold Dust Heart at first looked super sketch because I didn’t know if it would taste good beneath all that red colouring and gold dust. However, the mousse inside was actually really good since they used 71% pure Venezuelan chocolate.

I thought the Lychee macaron (left) was a bit too sweet and it failed to compare with the passion fruit macaron I had two visits ago. The Oolong macaron (right) on the other hand was pretty good with deep tea flavours infused into the shell and a tasty white chocolate oolong ganache inside.

Happy Eating!

5 reacties:

  1. OMG, it looks soo delicious! By the way,were those pastries expensive?(because the place looks quite fancy!)

    1. Not really expensive compared to the pastries and desserts here ($5 CAD/US)? Is that expensive compared to the pastries in the Netherlands?

    2. We would pay similar prices for those pastries and desserts, I think. You don't see many of these stores in the Netherlands tho. We have more of those "chocolate bon-bon" stores, which sell all kinds of little chocolates, but no creme-brulee or macarons. ;-)

  2. You weren't kidding when you said you went here too! What did you end up doing with the ceramic dish?

  3. Just washed and kept it for future homemade creme brûlée-ness :D


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