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4 April 2012

Random Thought- Pure Coconut Water and Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar With Black Sea Salt!

Last time I was in the states, I did a post called “Random Thought- Spray Cheese and Canned Gumbo?!” and a lot of people seemed to like it because it showcased a few quirky and interesting products that are sold in the US but not necessarily in Canada.

This time around, I found a bunch of neat items that are kind of interesting at Walmart and Trader Joe’s. For those of you who don’t know, Trader Joe’s is kind of like a Whole Foods type of supermarket where they specialize in selling organic and healthy products.

First off is Zico and it is essentially pure coconut water sold in a bottle. I read from somewhere that coconut water is really good for your health so I bought this bottle for about $3.75 at Trader Joe’s. The taste is really interesting and it is literally the juice you get if you crack open a young coconut. It’s super hydrating and refreshing so it is perfect for the upcoming summer season.

As you may know, I am an absolute lover of brie. And wild mushrooms. So when I saw this Brie with Wild (Porcini and Chanterelle) Mushrooms, I yelped in excitement and put this in my shopping cart right away. Unfortunately, the exotic mushroom taste was not as prominent as I would have liked so if you are looking for some really mushroom-y cheese, this one is not it. I didn’t actually mind too much though because it still tasted really good.

Apparently Trader Joe’s has a collection of chocolate bars and I quickly snagged this one when I saw that it was only $1.99 and called Dark Chocolate Bar with Caramel and Black Sea Salt. Just the name itself commands attention. If you ever go to Trader Joe’s.... GET THIS. This was so delicious!!! This 70% dark chocolate bar had a thin gooey layer of caramel in the middle and black sea salt scattered throughout the bar. God, I wish I bought more! :’(

Calling Nutella fanatics! Now you can have them on the go! These are so convenient and indulgent that I’m kind of glad they don’t sell them here in Canada or else I’d be in trouble. Big fat (literally) trouble.

Smoked Oysters aren’t actually that cool or interesting, but it was my first time trying it and I don’t know too many people who eat smoked oysters so this might be interesting for some people.

For about $1.50, you get about 20 little oysters packed in a tightly sealed container. These oysters have a really cool smokey flavour to them and are absolutely great when paired with a cracker or something as an appy.

Rae and I ate the oysters with pita crackers and a slice of cucumber. The oysters are actually even better with avocado instead of cucumber but we just didn’t have any on hand. I definitely encourage people who have never tried smoked oysters to give it a try! 

Hope you enjoyed this super casual random thought from the states! :D

Happy Eating!

3 reacties:

  1. IM so jealous!!! I really want to go do some grocery shopping at trader joes!!! =( BUT btw, the zicco water. amazing. I love it!! but I actually found mine on sale last week at superstore for a buck something. Refer to my post ;)

    1. it actually wasn't as crazy awesome as I thought though so don't go to Trader Joe's with too high expectations!

  2. Really? I heard they are crazy cheap. My gf went there and bought gourmet cheese for like 2 bucks!


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