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20 February 2012

Fairmont YVR Airport- To-Die-For Devonshire Cream and The High Tea Experience

I heard Living Social had a deal ($36 for 2 people) for their afternoon tea at the Fairmont YVR Airport location a while ago. Unfortunately, it sold like hotcakes and by the time I tried to purchase one, it was all sold out. :( Luckily, the Richmond Review had a similar coupon during the same weekend so I quickly printed the coupon out and made a reservation on the week of Valentines day.

The interior is very modern yet comfy and we saw many people enjoying the high tea experience using the coupon. The service was impeccable from start to finish and both Meta Knight and I were very pleased with our server.

I’ve tried the high tea experience at Fairmont Vancouver in downtown and I really liked their selection of teas. Unfortunately, this location had a different tea selection and none of them sparked much interest for me.

While we were waiting for our teas, we noticed the little pots of honey at our table! Yay, I love honey!

After much deliberation, I finally chose the Berry Berry which is described as “a rich burgundy infusion [that] fills the palate with deep berry notes”. It tasted very fruity and slightly tart.

Meta Knight went with their signature blend which was the Fairmont Vancouver Airport “Jetsetter” and it's essentially a low caffeinated tea that has been specifically designed to aid in the recovery from jetlag. He really liked his tea and hated mine. I loved mine and didn’t like his :P. I thought his tea tasted too strong and malty, but that’s just me.

The server gave us a nifty little tea timer which helped us know exactly how long to steep the tea in accordance with how strong you want the flavour to be.

To start off, we were given a small portion of fresh BC berries with mint and basil that has been marinated in the Berry Berry tea. I really liked it as it was refreshing. Meta Knight thought it was meh.

It came in a three tier presentation and at first glance, the portion looked very small. However, near the end we were very full and satisfied (we drank a LOT of tea).

The bottom tier contained sandwiches. On the left is the Egg Salad Croissant and the right is the Curried Chicken and Mango on Baguette. The croissant was our favourite whereas the curried chicken was our least favourite. The curry was too grainy and tasted funny.

The left is the Smoked Salmon on  Rye with Cucumber and Fresh Horseradish and the right is the Aged Cheddar and Apple with Fresh Basil Sandwich. Both were very delicious. The apple slices in the cheddar and apple sandwich were a bit too thin for me to taste the crunch and refreshing sweetness that I was expecting.

The SCONES... the DEVONSHIRE CREAM... oops I think I just drooled a bit. These Freshly Baked Cranberry and Lemon Scones were heavenly and it came with Devonshire cream as well as strawberry jam.  I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the jam and Devonshire cream which sucks because I could go on and on about how delicious they were when paired with these scones. Anyways, my absolute favourite was the cream while Meta Knight’s obsession was the strawberry jam.  It worked out perfectly. Devon cream was ALL MINE. :D

I remembered the desserts at the Fairmont Vancouver location was not amazing and it is the same case here. The Lemon Tart and the Vanilla Cream Puffs were alright and quite ordinary. I actually like the Costco cream puffs more than the ones here.

The FVA Honey Cheesecake as well as the Chocolate Hazelnut Tart were only so-so as well. The hazelnut tart was good but a tad too rich for me.

The dessert tier was the least impressive but by no means was it bad. It just didn’t give me the ”oh my god, SOOO GOOD!” reaction.

Overall, it was a fantastic high tea experience and is a great deal if you have the coupon. I'm not sure if I would come back for its regular price high tea as it would come up to about $90 for the both of us (including tax and tips and everything) which is quite expensive. But for the 50% off price, I would definitely recommend checking this Fairmont location out.

Service Rating: 4.5/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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6 reacties:

  1. AHHHH *squeals in delight* Glad you enjoyed it as well! I agree... I have never had excellent dessert at any afternoon tea place, but I thought the dessert here was way better than Hotel Vancouver.

  2. Oh I forgot to ask, was the bread in the sandwich dry? Or was it ok for you?

    1. oh I didn't write about it but YES, I did think the bread was a bit dry! At least... it was enough for me to point it out when we were eating. Was your bread dry too?

    2. Yea... that was the only problem I had though. Everything else was spectacular :) Omg can't wait to go again!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this tea experience and all your other ones hahaha

    Have you tried Adorabelle in Richmond? They're quite new and have the most delicious creamy earl grey!

  4. Why thank you Sukipooki! I have not yet tried Adorabelle but have been meaning to in the past couple of years :P I also want to go back to Meloty. That place was great.


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