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14 February 2012

Random Thought- $1 Lattes, Official Canucks Donut, and Sweet Valentine Donut

Tim Hortons just released their new line of lattes and is now promoting it through their $1 Flavoured Latte Special. Since I’m a sucker for promotions, I ordered one a few weeks ago to prepare for my long day on campus.

For $1 plus tax, you get a small (which used to be the medium before the size change) latte made with 100% Arabica beans and warm frothy milk. In addition, you can choose which flavour shot you want: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Milk Chocolate. This promotion will last until February 19th,2012.

I ordered the $1 latte on three different occasions and only one of the three had a happy face on it. :( I was disappointed. Even though the happy face looks a bit ugly after melting into the milk froth, it still makes me smile. :P

While I was at Timmy Ho’s yesterday, I noticed two special edition donuts for sale! One is heart shaped donut called Sweet Valentine (awww! How cute!!), and the other one is the “Official Donut of the Vancouver Canucks”. The Canucks donut didn’t look very appetizing but it sure was cool! 

Happy Eating!

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3 reacties:

  1. HAHAHA I had no idea that was a happy face until I read your comment. Sad... Btw I really hated the latte there... It tasted so horrible >_<

    1. Oh really? I thought their lattes are not bad! For $1 haha I don't know if I'd buy it regular price tho :P

  2. My face actually looks evil. lol refer to my blog, not MY ACTUAL face! hahaha


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