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18 February 2012

Simple and Sweet Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I love baking. I think I’ve said that before in my previous posts, but in my blog, you will find quite a few baking recipes because I loveeee cakes, brownies, sweets, and essentially any desserts. :)

I made these soft chewy chocolate chip cookies with Rae the other day for Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to share with you the results!

We followed the Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on because it had over 5,000 reviews and was rated one of the top chocolate chip cookies on the site. These cookies were meant to be very large, but as you will see later, it didn't turn out that well because we needed it to fit into our cookie jar (plus it was over baked... whoops).

I would highly suggest either using dark chocolate chips or decrease the amount of sugar by 10%. The reason is because the cookie will turn out VERY sweet if you use milk chocolate chips (which we did because that was all that’s left on Valentine’s Day) and the same amount of sugar suggested by the recipe.

The amount of cookie dough will yield about 1 ½ dozen large cookies or about 30-35 smaller cookies. We made a trial batch and we made them as large as the recipe indicated.

After the suggested baking time, they may not look golden brown, but let me tell you, it is actually done and you should take it out of the oven. We unfortunately left them in the oven for an extra five to seven minutes because the nonexistent golden brown colour threw us off and that in turn made our cookies crispy, not chewy.

For our second batch, we decreased the size of the cookie to about 1/3 its original size as well as decreased the baking time by half (so ~8 mins) to ensure it does not over bake.

They actually turned out way better! They were soft, chewy, and just perfectly delicious. Put these in a nice cookie jar and give it to someone as a housewarming gift or for Valentine’s day! Whoever receives it will appreciate all the effort and love you put into making them. :)

Happy Eating!

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