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8 May 2012

Daimasu (Burnaby)- Decent Raw Oysters and Scallop Roll

Meta Knight and I went to Daimasu in Burnaby a while ago to try out their late night menu. I believe it starts at 9pm.

When we went at exactly 9pm, the place was completely empty. This came as a surprise because Meta Knight said the place was packed the last few times he went.

Their late night menu is pretty standard with rolls, nigiri, and dons offered at a discounted price.

They also have tapas and even raw oysters!

Meta Knight and I ordered four Raw Oysters ($1.25/ea) to start us off and they were actually pretty delicious!  

I really dig that ponzu sauce. It greatly enhances the flavour of the oysters!

We love our scallop rolls so we get this pretty much every time we go to a Japanese restaurant. I actually had low expectations for their Scallop Roll ($2.95) because it was quite cheap but they didn’t skimp on quantity or quality.

Look at the nice big pieces of fresh scallops. Yummy.

Their sashimi was $2.97 for three pieces so we ordered three salmon and three tuna.

They tasted good and the slices were large. It was nothing special though.

This was our biggest disappoint of the night. The Nabeyaki Ramen ($7.95). First of all, it wasn’t that cheap. Second of all, the taste was so mediocre that I could have easily replicated this at home with store bought ramen and chicken bouillon. I do not recommend this AT ALL.

I love squid so I convinced Meta Knight to share the BBQ Ika ($5.95) with me. It was nothing compared to the BBQ Ika I had at Ebisu Robson (post here) because that one was honestly awesome.

This one was slightly dry and didn’t taste very fresh. I shouldn’t have gotten this. :(

Overall, Daimasu in Burnaby is alright. I wouldn’t purposely come back again unless I have a craving for their cheap late night raw oysters.

Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Happy Eating!

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