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15 May 2012

Toyotomi (Revisit)- AYCE Sashimi and Yummy Egg White Creme Brulee

Ever since my first post on Toyotomi, I have received a lot of feedback regarding other peoples experiences there. Some people had a great time, while others (such as Janice from GoodEat :P) vowed never to go back again. I wanted to try out Toyotomi again to see if they were consistent with my last experience there... plus I was really craving sashimi that day.

I noticed their little dessert area near the front entrance where they have a display case of all their desserts. The egg white crème brulee looked goooood.

How cute is that jello?!

They actually raised the price of their AYCE since my last visit. Bummer...It’s not by much but still...

Because this is All-you-can-eat and we didn’t want to be fined for any leftover food, we ordered much less than we normally would have on our first round. Surprisingly, we didn't even go to a second round because we were both full by then. Here is our sashimi platter full of salmon, tuna, ika (squid), spicy salmon, and some other type of seared tuna.

The ice on the bottom kept our sashimi nice and cold which I appreciated. I also liked the fact that they did not downsize the sashimi pieces since my last visit.

I love raw squid. It’s so slimy yet wonderfully delicious especially with the fried garlic that they sprinkle on top.

We had some trouble with our hot pot because when they first turned it on, it was making weird noises. The whole pot jumped every few seconds which scared the heck out of Meta Knight and I. Apparently, it does that in the beginning but stops after you start putting stuff in the pot.

We ordered a bunch of random hot pot items such as mussels, squid, mushrooms, mini corn, watercress...etc.

I only ordered one serving of squid and they gave me 5 large tentacles.

Here are our fried items which consisted of BBQ yam, BBQ toro, fried imitation scallop, onion rings, and chicken wings. The BBQ toro is new and I believe it is limited to one per person. However, I didn’t find it special at all so I wouldn’t have ordered more anyways.

Snow beef is always our favourite so we just stuck with that. We also ordered a bit of lamb and it tasted good.

This seafood ceviche type thing is also new to the menu and Meta Knight raved about this. This is also limited to one per person and I would recommend this over the BBQ toro. The mixed seafood was very flavourful and texturally, it went very well with the crunchy tortilla.

Even though we were both stuffed, I wanted to try the egg white crème brulee. It is a dollar something extra on top of your AYCE. They actually forgot our brulee order and it took a while for us to flag someone down. However, once they found out, the person in charge of dessert quickly torched the top and brought it out to us in less than a minute.

The egg white crème brulee is undoubtedly less creamy than normal crème brulee. However, I actually like this because it tasted healthier and lighter. I would have preferred a thicker sugar top but it is just my individual preference.

All in all, I had a great time at Toyotomi and it still remains a hidden AYCE gem to me. However, it is by no means cheap because we ended up paying about $30 per person so I would probably only come here for special occasions. Just remember to make a reservation or you’re gonna have to wait 40 minutes (like we did) for a table...OF TWO.  

Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$$-$$$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

 <-- beautiful sashimi

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4 reacties:

  1. Hahaha thanks for the shout-out?! $30 is actually pretty expensive. I remember Ninkazu used to offer hot pot besides for sushi... wonder if they still do?

    1. Yah it is pretty expensive :( hm I forgot about that! But I bet if you get their hotpot and ayce it will be like $30-40 cus that's a lot of food!

  2. The food looks awesome. I'd love to try this out soon. Sometimes I get really strong cravings for sushi. They're so strong that I think of buying a sushi maker for my home!


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