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23 October 2012

agnes b. LE PAIN GRILLE + CAFE (Hong Kong)- Clothing Brand Turned Cafe

Trixie and I wanted to specifically visit the agnes b. LE PAIN GRILLE + CAFE while we were in Hong Kong since it seemed like an interesting concept.

If you don’t already know, agnes b. Is a clothing brand but they expanded their brand and now they have their own restaurant and cafe. We specifically went to the one located in IFC because this was supposedly the prettiest location of all.

agnes b cafe is not cheap (roughly $5.00 for a latte) but it isn’t outrageous either.

Trixie and I took forever deciding what to order since every piece of cake looked stunning! As for taste, however, we didn’t have high expectations for it because we read reviews beforehand and most of them said it was average.

Notice most people dining at this cafe are women. Most of them were girl chatting and discussing about their daily lives/problems... Not that I was listening. :P

We shared two between the both of us and first up was Jasmine. It consisted of jasmine bavarois, vanilla crème brulee, and almond sponge cake. It also had a dollop of glittery gelee on top along with a branded chocolate piece.

We were mostly intrigued by the ‘vanilla crème brulee’ aspect of the cake and to me, it did not disappoint. However, Trixie found the crème brulee flavour difficult to detect, and if you don’t have a strong palate for subtle flavours, you probably won’t be able to taste it too. This overall was so-so for the both of us and was more of a novelty item than anything. Girls just can’t pass up anything that’s pretty.

Next was the Venezuela. Again, a very intricate and delicate piece of patisserie. It is made of 70% single origin chocolate from Venezuela, chocolate sponge cake, and chocolate ganache. It is also garnished with a tiny gold leaf and a white chocolate piece.

This was oh so rich, and oh so satisfying. The dark rich taste of 70% cacao chocolate was like heaven for the both of us since we both ADORE extremely dark chocolate.

Since we were dehydrated and wanted something refreshing, we shared a Watermelon and Lychee Juice. It was very refreshing and not too sweet which was my biggest concern prior to purchasing it.

What a beautiful entrance to the agnes b. Restaurant. O.O  All in all, agnes b. Cafe is a nice little place for you to catch up on girl talk with the girls but don’t count on the patisseries to wow your tastebuds.

Happy Eating!

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