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15 October 2012

Zakkushi on Denman- Skewers, Skewers, and MORE Skewers!! :D

Zakkushi has been around Vancouver for a long time and I’ve heard amazing things about this place. However, I don’t know why this is the first time I’ve actually visited!

I went to the Denman location with my cousins and brother and we started off with a pitcher of Sapporo ($14.99). I enjoy the clean and light taste of Sapporo over darker heavier beers.

Zakkushi is known for delicious smoky skewers that can only be achieved by grilling over Binchotan, a Japanese charcoal. Thus, we had to start off with 2 of the Zakkushi Sets ($8.50/set). They separated the sets so this first plate had two skewers each of oropon beef, p-toro, and I think me maki.

The second plate consisted of umeshiso yaki and momo. I grew to like shiso leaves when I was in Korea (it is sometimes used to wrap BBQ meat) so I really enjoyed the umeshiso yaki. The meat was wonderfully soft and the delicious smoky charcoal flavour was deeply infused into the meat. Thumbs up!

If I’m not mistaken, the two skewers in the front are Chicken Gizzards ($1.90). Absolutely delicious! Must get item!

The Cheese Tsukune ($1.90/ea) and Norimayo Tsukune ($1.90/ea) were pretty good overall but not my favourites. Tsukune means chicken meat ball.

If you know me, you know I like disgusting innards of animals (hey, if you are going to take an animals’ life, you shouldn’t waste any part of it!). Therefore, it is only natural for me to order the Chicken Heart ($1.50). It has a rubbery and chewy texture which I enjoy. Even my  cousins who have never tried chicken heart all liked it!

My cousin highly recommended the Botan Ebi (4 pcs) Sashimi ($12.00) which is raw shrimp sashimi. There were four very large prawns and you first eat the raw body. Then... you can ask the chef to deep fry the prawn head for you (don’t waste!). :D

There is no extra charge for deep frying it and once you pluck out the eyes, you can eat the entire head! It is very yummy. If you like soft shell crab, the concept and texture is kind of the same.

Since we ordered way too many dishes, I will be naming the rest. This is Beef Tataki ($8.50) 
and it comes with grated radish and raw quail egg

Takoyaki ($4.90) which are deep fried octopus balls.

Ikayaki ($6.80). Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo.

Mentai Kimchi Yakiudon ($8.00) Pan fried udon w/ cod roe and kimchi. Deeeelicious!!

Okonomiyaki ($5.80) Japanese pan fried vegetable pancake. Least tasty dish of the night.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Salad ($7.80) Consists of green salad, smoked salmon, and avocado.

Chicken Wing ($1.80/ea). It is cut open and flattened before grilling.

Yakioni ($1.80) Grilled rice ball with a choice of soy sauce or miso.

Uzura Maki ($2.00) Quail eggs wrapped with sliced pork. Oh my gosh, these were the bomb. Highly recommended!

Overall, I had a wonderful dinner with great company and experienced something new. I think this restaurant is great for catching up with friends over cold beer and appetizers but don’t expect to be too full from this place unless you can dish out the moolah.

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$$-$$$$$ ($20-$50)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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6 reacties:

  1. Omg, those food pics look so exotic to me!Those skewers and the Takoyaki look so yummy! :o Btw, you must have ordered the whole menu, cuz I see so many different dishes! LOL

    1. Yeah I figured they would seem exotic to you! Haha. We ordered wayyyyy too much and the whole meal because really expensive! LOL Not doing that next time :P

  2. I'm not sure why I haven't been there either! I need to go!

    1. You should!! I bet you would enjoy it! :D

  3. The pictures from the denman store looks alooooot better than the food served at the main st king Ed location. Pork belly wrapped garlic stubs r the best. As long as my wife eats it too!!!

    1. Yeah I heard from a few people that the Denman location is the best one out of the three! :)


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