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16 October 2012

Angels Heart (Tokyo,Japan)- Milk Tea + Pearls Crepe?! Oh Yes.

I went to Tokyo with Trixie during the summer and one place we had to visit was Harajuku.

When we first arrived on the most famous street of Harajuku, we were flabbergasted. The street was packed!

There weren’t too many things that attracted me within Harajuku so I pretty much just window shopped and took pictures. This Harajuku crepe stall at the end of the street called Angels Heart captured my attention so I instantly went to look.

They have a display of every crepe they offer which is great for people who want more of a visual menu.

I ordered the Tapioca Milk Tea Crepe (490 Yen/~$5.00 CAD) which consisted of crepe stuffed with a milk tea pudding, black tapioca (pearls), and whipped cream. Sounds simple enough.

The Japanese ladies making the crepes were fast, focused, and efficient. :P

Five dollars CAD for a crepe is not cheap but is pretty much the standard for Vancouver too.

I’ve never had milk tea pudding before nor pearls in a crepe so it was really interesting combination of flavours when I bit into it! It tasted actually like milk tea and pearls... in crepe form! Absolutely delicious.

Happy Eating!

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