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24 October 2012

Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait w/Honey Recipe

Ever since I came back from Asia a month ago, I wanted to get back into the lifestyle I had before I left which was exercising often (3-5 times a week) and eating healthy. However, I gotta admit, it has been hard. My willpower has given in a few times so I've experienced quite a few food comas since I've been back. BUT. No more.

I am confident and determined to set myself back on track and resume a healthy lifestyle! From now on, I will try to cook and bake as often as I can with as little artificial, sugary, and fattening ingredients and I’ll also share my recipes with you guys. My first recipe is quick, simple, and delicious as a snack or breakfast. It’s called Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait w/Honey.

You only need five ingredients for this recipe. See? Told you it was simple.

You need some 0% fat greek yogurt and granola. I’m using greek yogurt because it provides double the protein of most regular yogurts (and thus can also be a post-work out snack!). Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium, probiotic bacteria, and has less fat than regular yogurt.

You will also need a honey bear :P, a cup or glass, and whatever berries you have on hand. I happened to have blackberries so I made it a blackberry parfait. :P

First step is to fill the bottom of the glass with greek yogurt, and then drizzle it with copious amounts of honey. I find greek yogurt to be too sour and bland on its own so I always like to put a little bit of extra honey in mine.

Next, sprinkle on some blackberries (or whatever berries you are using).

You just repeat the previous two steps again so put another layer of greek yogurt, honey, and then berries.

The last and top layer is the granola. Try to find granola with lots of nuts, seeds, or raisins as they are healthier than just plain clumped oats. I used regular granola that I got from Superstore and mixed in a handful of sliced almonds for an extra crunch.

FYI- I have been eating this for breakfast for the past three days now! It’s really healthy and keeps me satisfied until lunch. No need for greasy breakfasts anymore! 

Try this recipe out and let me know what you think!

Happy Eating!

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  1. im surprised no one commented on this... this is a great idea and i think you should keep posting recipes like this one :)

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your (and anyone's feedback) and it will now give me more motivation to post up more healthy recipes!


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