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10 October 2012

Bo-Lo'Gne Cafe and Bar (Hong Kong)- Celebrating Doraemon's 100th Anniversary... I Ate the Iconic 'Memory Bread'!

Just a forewarning, this post will probably only appeal to people who know of this famous iconic Japanese cartoon, Doraemon (aka Ding Dong). *Squee!*

When I was in Hong Kong, it just so happened to be Doraemon’s 100th Anniversary and Bo-Lo’Gne Cafe and Bar (located in Harbour City, Tsim Tsa Tsui) revamped their entire restaurant to celebrate the occasion with a Doraemon inspired menu!

I grew up watching Doraemon (it is one of my favourite childhood cartoons) so I was absolutely in LOVE with this concept! Even though I am a big fan, I still am not as big of a fan as this guy over here who wore a Doraemon t-shirt while dining here. O.O * btw, I totally feel like a creeper right now*

Most people who dine here order the Spaghetti Set ($128 RMB/ ~$18 CAD) which comes with Memory Bread (Trivia: who knows what is memory bread in the Doraemon series?! :D), Tiramisu, and your choice of spaghetti.

Polly ordered a latte and it came with a picture of Dai Hong or Nobita. She said the latte was average but she ordered it knowing it was purely for novelty.

This was the Spaghetti Set and when I first saw this I was so giddy! I felt like a child again. :P

I chose the Mentaiko Spaghetti and it was honestly average at best. The portion was also very small so I finished it in a few bites.

This is the famous Memory Bread from Doraemon! If you are a fan of the series, you will know what this is. This bread appeared in Season 2, episode 3 where Doraemon gives Nobita the bread to help him study for an exam, but he eventually ate so much bread that he threw it all up in the end.

I knew coming in that the food here lacked in quality so I didn’t expect greatness from their tiramisu. I was glad my expectations were low because this was not very good. Again, this was more of a novelty item so I still thoroughly enjoyed eating my Doraemon shaped cookie. :D

Bo-Lo’Gne also sells the bread that they used for the “Memory Bread” in loaves. Apparently, they are known for being “Denmark bread”.

All in all, I had a wonderful time listening to Doraemon theme music while dining on Doraemon themed food even though it was overpriced and not incredibly tasty. I admit, I am a sucker for falling into this marketing trap, but oh well! :P

Happy Eating!

4 reacties:

  1. Not to be nitpicky, but Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon, not Hong Kong.

    I'm also a big fan :)

    1. You are absolutely correct!! Oh my gosh, I knew that but for some reason I kept on saying HK cartoon! :P Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. So what did the guy have to do to win a T-shirt?
    And also what is that white bun thing with what I think is seaweed powder in the form of Doraemon's head?

    1. I think he bought it on his own actually. :P And it was actually a piece of 'meh' tasting round cheese with seaweed powder.


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