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21 October 2012

Moncton Cafe- More Than Meets The Eye *in Transformers' voice*

My oh-so-lovely yogi friend Misu told me about this new restaurant that came about in Steveston, Richmond. It’s called Moncton Cafe, and let me tell you, you will NEVER guess what cuisine they serve based on the exterior.  

It is located next door to “Storybrooke Pet Shelter”... hehehe. SQUEE!! ‘Once Upon A Time’ fans rejoice!

Upon walking in, you will be greeted by some friendly Japanese ladies who will seat you and give you a Yoshoku inspired menu.

Still don’t know what they serve? Moncton Cafe specializes in Western style Japanese cuisine called Yoshoku which was popular in the 1970’s in Tokyo, Japan. They have everything from curry rice, salads, Tokyo style spaghetti, to hamburg rice.

Their dessert menu is pretty unique and quite a few items caught my eye. Unfortunately, I was too full from lunch to order any.

All of their lunch menu items come with soup and salad. I adore clear soup and this veggie filled broth provided exactly what I needed before a meal. Something light to wet the palate in preparation for the main course... Muahahaha.

Misu ordered the Shrimp Creamy Gratin ($12.00) which is a ‘shrimp, mushroom, and shell macaroni covered with creamy white soy bean sauce’. It comes with bread, a side salad and a small potato salad.

There was ample cheese for her to indulge in but the soy bean in the so-called ‘white soy bean sauce’ was undetectable. Misu said that overall, it tasted just like something from Milestones. Not that it was a bad thing. Just not... super special.

Having done a bit of research before coming, I heard their hamburg patties were an absolute hit so I went for the House Hamburg ($13.00). Hamburg is a popular dish in Japan similar to the westernized, Salisbury steak.  It’s made from ground meat and a variety of ingredients, and then made into a flat circular shape. It was incredibly popular in the 60’s and 70’s as a more affordable way of eating meat.

The hamburger steak had a kickass mushroom and onion demi-glace sauce on top and it really did live up to my expectations. They also did not skimp on the meat too and I received a very large patty the size of my whole hand.

The lettuce in the side salad was fresh and I enjoyed the potato salad. Everything I ate gave me a sense of home cooking, like I was in a Japanese kitchen or on the set of “Cooking With Dog” (anybody watch them too? :D)

Overall, Misu and I both found the prices here to be quite expensive (~$16 for lunch) considering the ambiance and location. However, the portion sizes are large and you can tell each dish was made with love and care. 

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$-$$$ ($10-30)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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  1. I love YOSHOKU!! So....Nice Japanese western food!! Japanese desert too!


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