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19 October 2011

Japadog (Burrard)- Vancouver's Most Famous Food Cart Never Disappoints

Rae and I headed to downtown Vancouver for some quick lunch yesterday and had initially planned on trying the Tacofino food truck. However we couldn’t find it so we assumed it sold out and packed up for the day already. :( I was so glad our alternative, Japadog, was still operating because we were starving!!! We went to the original Burrard location.

I believe everyone can almost memorize the menu already because if you’re like me, you've begun to familiarized yourself with what sort of offerings they have. :P Since I’ve never had the Oroshi ($5.25) before and Rae highly recommended it, I decided to get this. It contains Bratwurst sausage with grated radish and green onion on top.

Their “Many Celebrities in Japadog” sign was super interesting to read while waiting for our food.

The Oroshi looks like this. I really loved it because the shredded radish provided a fresh and light contrast to the meaty sausage. The bun was soft and nicely toasted which was nice. Be warned, it gets quite messy but whatever, it should never stop you from eating a Japadog! Muahaha

They have a whole bunch of condiments so we just piled it on. LOL. Rae’s Oroshi looked like this.

My Oroshi looked like this. I love putting wasabi mayo on my hotdog because it makes everything so ridiculously yummy! I kinda want another Japadog right now... mm...

Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

<-- next time I should try the Yakisoba dog :P
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2 reacties:

  1. As much as I admit I liked Japadog in its heydays, I believe they are now just resting on their laurels. Their secret to success ain't much of a secret any more and, once you have tried it, you realize that most of the ingredients can be purchased in your local ethnic market (in this case, T&T or Fujiya). So, in the end, you can pretty much make it yourself. And, yes, I have done so. Had their price point hadn't spiked to the current price point, great, it beats making it myself, I would like it more. Nowadays, I would rather go somewhere else...

    (Oh, it is not shredded daikon; it is grated)

  2. Sheesh, does KimHo ever like anything ever? Japadog's product is the same as its ever been. If you think you can get Kurobuta sausage at either T&T or Fujiya, you're kidding yourself. Also, you can't fault a product just because you can make it at home. I can make sushi at home, and the ingredients are available everywhere, but does that mean anything? No.

    (Oh, you should stop making pithy comments on various blogs; it is grating)


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