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30 November 2011

Re-Up BBQ Foodcart- This Is The Famous Pulled Pork Sandwich?

Continuing on the food cart binge that Rae, Yoshi, and I had a few weeks earlier, we stopped by The Re-Up BBQ. I told them this cart was famous for their pulled pork sandwiches (from what I heard and read online). I had never actually tried their pulled pork, but because it was highly reviewed and talked about, it expected it to be a for-sure-win. Oh how wrong was I.

There was only one person running the truck and she was in charge of collecting money and making the food. I wasn’t surprised that everything was pre-made because it IS a very small truck with limited cooking space. However, seeing pulled pork come out of a container didn’t really wet my appetite.

They sell only three items at this food cart, Pulled Pork sandwich, Beef Brisket sandwich, and Sweet Tea. We opted for 2 Pulled Pork sandwiches ($7.00). One for Yoshi, and one for Rae and I to share.

 So, where do I begin? Let’s start on the bread. Rae, Yoshi, and I all thought the bread was tough, dry, and cold. Just warming or toasting the bread would have made a world of difference which is a shame. The pulled pork was honestly quite uninteresting. It wasn’t bad, but I have had wayyyy better pulled pork elsewhere. The pork might have tasted better if there wasn’t so much bread because it dried up all the moistness from the pulled pork and BBQ sauce when it was in my mouth.

The coleslaw was alright but I found the dressing to be a tiny bit too sour. Needless to say, all three of us were quite disappointed by this food cart and we immediately went over to Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck for something better.

Based on these reasons:
  • did not live up to the hype of "awesome pulled pork"
  • bread is too tough and dry
  • located in the UBC Robson Square
  • many people raved about this sandwich so my experience could have been the exception

Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 2/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 2/5

Happy Eating!

<-- Memphis Blues has AMAZING pulled pork!

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2 reacties:

  1. When I first tried it, it was way back when they first opened. That "truck" was on Hornby (by Georgia), not by Robson Square. Also, the truck was managed by three people: one person taking orders and two making the sandwiches. For street food in Vancouver back then I thought it was "good". As for the bread, they had to run to get more because they just ran out during "lunch service". Of course, things change. A couple of months ago, I tried their brisket sandwich (in the location above, though, not the same cart), I wasn't impressed. So, there you go. That's popularity for you! (Wonder what does appearing in certain TV show means!).

    As for having the pork pre-packed, actually, for pulled pork, there isn't much of an option. Since you can't make pulled pork to order and, by then, you might as well sauce in advance, I have no issues with them just assemble the sandwich in the truck.

    Oh, on the note of pulled pork, while I don't have a smoker, I do make pulled pork once in a while in the oven. Put it ~10:00 p.m. in low temperature (~225F) and you will wake up to the smell of good pork! :D

  2. Similar to Kim's experience, I went to the truck on Hornby and there were 3 guys there serving up the sandwiches. From my recollection, the bun was slightly toasted and warm. And contrary to your sandwich, mine was overstuffed with meat. Too much meat in fact... But yes I agree with you, it wasn't an extraordinary sandwich at all. Doesn't live up to the hype.


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